Solid Waste

Curbside Service

Each City of West Columbia resident has a (1) 95-gallon blue cart.  If you would like an additional cart, please contact West Columbia City Hall at 979-345-3123.  Additional blue carts are $4.00 each per month, and they usually take 7-10  business days to be delivered.  If you move into a house without the trash cart, call City Hall to request your cart.  

When will my trash be serviced?
• The north side of West Columbia will be serviced on Mondays. 
• The south side of West Columbia will be serviced on Tuesdays. 

  Where do I place my blue cart on collection day?
• Place the cart on the street side, with the wheels and handle toward your home.  Cart should be at least 4 feet away from any mailbox, vehicle, or overhead utility lines.  Your cart will not be emptied if you do not follow these guidelines, causing missed service for the week.  

What kind of debris may I place in the trash container? 
• You may place typical household garbage in the cart.  To maintain cart cleanliness, we encourage you to use plastic bags for your garbage and to occasionally rinse it out with a hose and bleach to retard bacterial growth and minimize odors.  Absolutely NO building debris, rocks/dirt or hazardous material may be  placed in the cart.  

How do I dispose of heavy or bulky waste items?
• There will be heavy/bulk waste service every Friday. 
• No stumps greater than 3 feet in diameter. Branches, no longer than 5 feet long, and of course NO land clearing. 
• No paint cans
• No tires
• No construction material
• Residents that exceed the limit of 5 cubic yards may also call Waste Connections at 979-864-4600 to arrange for heavy or bulky items to be picked up on heavy trash day (Friday)of each week. Payment for this additional service over "5 yards" is to be made directly to Waste Connections.

 Who replaces damaged or stolen cart?
• Residents are expected to take good care of the carts.  Damaged carts from normal wear and tear will be replaced or repaired by Waste Connections.  However, any damaged carts resulting from misuse, mutilation, abuse or vandalism will be replaced at the expense of the resident.  
• If a cart is stolen, you will be required to file a report with he City of West Columbia Police department at 979-345-5121.  If you do not, then you will be required to pay for the replacement cart. 

 Can I take my cart with me if I move?
No, the containers are issued to an address and must NOT be removed from the  premises.  The containers belong tot Waste Connections and are to be left for the use of the next resident at that address.